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Why Ice Cream, You Say? 🍨

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

We say, why not! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In our quest to elevate happiness, we decided to elevate our offerings and extend our store hours to bring you a treat that's perfect for you, at a time that works for all!


We thought, what's the ideal combination of tasty treats, and who is doing it best? 🤔 This one was easy. 

If you've ever had Sylas and Maddy's Homemade Ice Cream you know that they are hands down the BEST of the best. 😍 We're talking; creamy, delicious, high-quality, homemade, hand-dipped ice cream people!!!! We’re drooling! 🤤

💖 Sylas and Maddy's has been a Kansas City favorite since 1997 with their first store in Lawrence, KS. Named after the owner’s family dog and their neighbor’s cat; they are a true Mom and Pop shop who have done it right and created the best. 👏 

Serving up a variety of 24 flavors* in cups and cones, with 9 delicious toppings to choose from. Along with that we have shakes, malts, banana splits, and more. Create your very own delectable treat, tailored to your liking - the options are endless!

📍 Find us in Leavenworth, Lansing (Drive-Thru only), Basehor, and Gardner! 🤗 

We are thrilled to bring Sylas and Maddy's to our communities!

Come have a taste - we look forward to serving YOU. 💛 

*For a list of our current flavors, visit our post HERE. Seasonal flavors COMING SOON.

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