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Online Ordering Capabilities Now Available!

You read that right, we at Daylight Donuts of Kansas City have stepped up our game and are now offering online ordering to make it easier for you to: Get the donuts you want, when you want, at the time you want them.

You don’t have to worry about waking up early to get your favorites anymore. Place your order online and we’ll have your donuts ready for you when you’re ready for them! *


We have a wide variety of donuts to select from. Choose them individually, customize a combo, or let the staff mix it up for you! Don’t forget to add your favorite milk, juice or coffee drink before placing your order to complete your perfect breakfast combination.

Pro-Tip: Order a Donut Express to satisfy your breakfast needs. With this you will receive any 2 Classic Donuts and the Drink* of your choosing.

TO ORDER ➡️ Visit our Homepage and select the Order Online button in the top left corner of the page. Next you will select your nearest location and wallah! You’re in. We’ll let you take it from here.

CHECKOUT ➡️ After carefully selecting your desired donuts and beverages, find the checkout button in the top right corner of the page. Review your order to be sure everything is correct. Click the Proceed to Checkout button. You will then be able to apply any redeemable rewards, enter a promocode and do a final review of your pickup information and order details.

PAYMENT ➡️ This is where you will enter your contact information and payment method. When placing a payment with a gift card, a credit card will be required before submitting the order to ensure the payment is received in full.

*Letter Donut orders, orders of 2 dozen or more, and orders for Delivery need to be placed one day (minimum) in advance and be submitted before 5pm. Same day orders are subject to product availability.

**Drink options include: 12 oz Coffee, Belfonte Milk, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Soda and Water.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at DaylightKC. Be sure to also follow your local locations page as well to stay up to date and in the loop on promos, deals and happenings!

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