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Lansing Mural Artist - JT Daniels

We spoke with JT Daniels, KCMO based artist, about his work, how he got started, previous projects he’s done, and more!

JT recently created a spectacular mural for Daylight KC to represent our products and communities at our Lansing Drive-Thru location. We are proud to have JT’s work beautifully displayed on our walls! 


Q&A with JT:

What do you do?

I am an artist who creates murals for both clients and community based groups. My work weaves together various elements, such as characters and phrases, into streamlined designs that represent the heartbeat of the urban community.

How did you get started?

I grew up in Wyandotte County. After graduating college and getting married, I was walking down Quindaro Blvd and I noticed a lack of public art, signage, etc. It really dawned on me in that moment that "my neighborhood deserves beautiful things too." After that, I spent time learning how to transition from painting on canvas to painting on walls. I'm self employed now, but I've been painting large scale murals since 2015. 

What are some other projects you have done?

One project a lot of people recognize is the artwork I created for BRISK Iced Tea. I redesigned their Lemon Tea label and it's a product that's sold world wide, so I get fan mail from other countries pretty regularly. To highlight specific projects, I'd list out the Whole Foods (in Brookside, KCMO), Google Fiber (18th & Vine), The Kansas City Street Car (KCMO), Betty Rae's Ice Cream (River Market, KCMO), Bridge Space (Lee's Summit, MO), Ten Thousand Villages (Old Overland Park, KS), Ruby Jean's Juicery (Troost Ave, KCMO), and The City of Raymore (Raymore, MO). I've done a lot of projects, but these come to mind immediately. You can view photos / videos of all of my murals on social media and my website

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by people, music, culture and good art. I love meeting new people and learning new phrases and hearing about their hometowns. I listen to lots of music (usually on repeat in the studio, much to the dismay of my studio mates, lol), which influences the flow of my designs. 

What excited you about this project?

I'm really excited to work in Lansing, KS. I like meeting new people and getting my work in front of a new audience. I've spent some time driving around the area recently and I'd like the prospect of being able to paint more in this part of KS. While painting, the reception from people dropping by to say "hi" or to give positive affirmations about the design has been really uplifting. My hope is that the mural works, in the fact that people are drawn to it and will want to take pictures in front of it, but also that people will know where they can get their 'Daylight Delights' lol. 


We are so appreciative of the incredible mural JT created for us, as well as taking the time to answer these questions. It’s been fun learning more about this KC local artist and getting to share his work with you! Thanks for reading along. We hope to see you soon! :)

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