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About Us

The Daylight Donut Flour Company was founded in 1954 with reach into 28 states and 12 international markets.  All stores are independently owned and operated by people who are passionate about donuts and coffee.  There are many reasons why Daylight Donuts has been in business for 65 years, but the most important is that Daylight Donut Flour Company goes to great lengths to deliver the highest quality ingredients.  All of which, result in the best raised flour mix, cake mix, icing and toppings.  Further, Daylight Flour Company is constantly researching techniques and environments that will produce the best tasting donut, which are shared with its operators.


At Daylight Donuts Kansas City (operating stores in Kansas: Leavenworth, Lansing, Basehor, Lenexa, Olathe and Gardner), we do everything that we can to make the best donut from the best ingredients ranging from how we do our preparation each day to the consistency of the glaze and toppings applied.  Quality, consistency and freshness are critical focus areas for us.


In addition, we know that coffee and donuts go hand-in-hand and we have partnered with the #1 rated coffee in Kansas City and one of the most renowned coffee roasters in the nation.Those beans are then roasted using a convection air-roasting method instead of the more traditional drum-roasting method, to ensure superior consistency and a tastier, smoother cup of coffee.  We only use bean grinding and brewing equipment that the Roasterie has recommended to ensure that we are able to serve the best coffee possible.

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